Hello, Goodbye, Hello.


You've probably seen this coming for awhile.
The end of this road.

I'm retiring Daydreaming Night Owl.

Thank you for being a part of our lives the past few years.
(((big hugs)))
If you'd like to continue to follow some of our adventures, I'm kind of obsessed with Instagram. I'm occasionally on Twitter and Pinterest. And I'll still have my Spoonflower and Society6 shops.

But the biggest change will be my professional Illustration and Design website. When it goes live, I'll add the link to my new Facebook page.  *imagine cartwheels and jazz hands*
Please "like" me if you're interested…if not, no biggie. It's cool.

The Daydreaming Night Owl Facebook page will be taken down soon.
I hope you're able to make this transition with me.
Not sure what I'm supposed to do here… I feel like I should sing us out… dust in the wind style or something like that.

Lots of love to you and yours. xoxoxo


Sam Says #18

Sam Says (pose)
This is what you get when you ask for a pose.

Watching bagpipe players on Youtube.
Sam: It's like they put four long flutes in their purse!

aunt and cousins
Aunt B and cousin Ruby :)

Sam had his first big bloody nose.
The next day…
Sam: I never want to see blood again!
Mom: You know, if you're going to be an animal scientist you'll have to get used to blood. There are a lot of blood tests that will need to be done and there's blood when babies are born. Plus, what if an animal gets injured? There will probably be blood then too.
Sam: (without missing a beat)
Nuts, I should have picked to be a librarian.

Continuing the theme…at dinner.
Sam: Catsup is just tomato blood.

easter egg

"I'm gonna eat this funny bunny. I hope it's not fertilized." - my 6 year old. Happy Easter! #easter #eggs
Sam: I'm gonna eat this funny bunny. I hope it's not fertilized.

easter cool
Easter cool.

After unsuccessfully holding his breath to get rid of hiccups.
Sam: ARGH! My brain is stuck in hiccup mode!

Relay race, field day at school.

Talking about an upcoming family visit.
Sam: One day I'm going to marry Aunt Jaime.
Mom: Sorry Honey, you can't marry family.
Sam: Okay, then I'm going to marry the owner of Target!

drawing an epic battle
Drawing an epic battle.

Pokemon #gottacatchemall

More giggles with Sam Says HERE.


Spring in the Desert

barrel cactus flowers and fruit

I'm obsessed with the colors of the Barrel Cactus, fruit and flowers.

barrel cactus fruit

Creosote cotton.

creosote cotton in the wind

Scared little Thumper. So still, so quiet…I could almost hear her heart beating. One frame, she was there. The next, lightening fast, she was gone.

desert bunny

hawk over valley


The rest are iPhone shots from Spring walks…

#cactus #flowers - morning walk

Mesquite pods.

Mesquite #tree pods - morning walk



Looking up at a Palo Verde tree.

looking up at a palo verde tree

Walking on a cloud of Palo Verde petals.

morning walk - on a cloud of Palo Verde #tree petals. #sweetmu #dogstagram

Baja Fairy Dusters always catch my eye.

Baja Fairy Dusters always catch my eye. #desert #flower

morning walk - #palm #tree one

morning walk - #palm #tree two

Counting cactus pears.
After dinner #sidewalk explorin' with my fave small fry.  #cactus

Happy Spring!


Sam Says #17

Sam Says

Talking about his life long dream of bringing dinosaurs back from extinction.
Sam: How can we convince dinosaurs that humans are NOT food? Do we swing a watch in front of them like the Egyptians did in the old days?

New favorite shirt, Dino Chase, from Paper Clouds Apparel.  So great!
Wearing his new Dino Chase shirt from Paper Clouds Apparel.

Helping Daddy get dinner ready.
Sam: Do you want a hard boiled egg for your salad? It's just like an egg with a shell except it doesn't have a shell!

watching the electric company ❤️

Enjoying a homemade banana split.
Sam: Mom, you should put this chocolate sauce in a jar and sell it at the store! (peanut butter warmed on the stove with a couple GFCF chocolate chips)

Treasure from a Bottle Tree. (His hands look so grown up here!)

After 15 minutes in bed, I went to check on Sam and he was upset, working himself up with his imagination.
Sam: What if Dad doesn't come home? What if he takes a trip to Tennessee for a gig and doesn't want to leave?
What if it's a true story? 
What if it's realistic fiction?!

fave books
Favorite books.

Crack up with a little more Sam Says HERE.


Tyler Nielson Music

Tyler's home page

Whoop whoop! It's done! It's live!
We finished Tyler's website.

You can hear music samples, see his ever-growing song list, check out his calendar and book Tyler right from the site. There's also a really super sweet "about" section. The videos need to be updated (oh my gosh, the last vids are from 2010)- but I'm pretty sure he's working on new videos this week.
Tyler's music page (needs updating)

The client page is pretty cool, each client is linked to their business via logos. Feeling pretty good about this, as this page took me the longest to make. Hopefully his clients love it too.

Tyler's clients page

We had to go with TylerNmusic.com because someone already owns TylerNielson.com. No big surprise though, Nielson is a super common name in parts of the country.

I'm happy with the simplicity. Nothing flashy, as Tyler tends to be laid back. I chose browns and blues because they're his favorite colors.

Tyler's booking page

If you do click over, please let me know if you see any typos or weird mistakes or if anything is broken. And if you're from or know anyone in the Phoenix area, I won't be mad at ya if you pass this along…

Happy first day of Spring!


Sam Says #16

sam says

Getting ready for school.
Sam: What if someone wanted to take a piece of my brain and then throw it to a falcon?

Family picnic and a #run at the #park for Valentine's Day. ❤️

Playing at the park.

Tyler: Sam, did you flush the toilet and wash your hands?
Sam: Yesssssssss.
Tyler checks.
Tyler: SAM!
Sam: Hahahahaahahha, I turned the tables on you!

Pinterest inspired #Valentines done! Happy almost #love and #candy day y'all. ❤️❤️❤️

Before dessert, I asked Sam to tell me a little about his favorite ice cream...

If you're in a reader and/or can't see the video-
Sam: This cat..I mean, this ice cream has some chocolate covered nuts, which I think are meteors but they're pretending to be chocolate tortoises.

Sam "planted" a pecan in the backyard over Christmas vacation. I recently found it while pulling weeds and thought the bugs had made it beautiful. Sam was angry with the bugs for not letting the pecan grow into a tree.
Pulling weeds today, I found the #pecan my son planted over Christmas. The bugs have made it even more beautiful.

Sitting cross-legged at the coffee table, watching a movie.
Sam: UGH! My feet are getting lazy again!
(pins and needles)

See more Sam Says HERE.


Photo Shoot for Tyler's Website


I'm almost done building Tyler's website for his music business. I'm just waiting on a couple testimonials and a sketch from Tyler.

On a bright, overcast day we went to a few locations he'd picked out and I took photos. A quick hike in a preserve, look at that Valley of the Sun pollution!

Quick hike for this one!

This monochrome is my fave...bricks, palm, sexy "blue steel" stare...check.

My fave.

And the rest-


Seedy area, cool flower shop.


Vinyl - Chet Baker is one of Tyler's favorite singers.


We like to call this one, "Where's my car?".

Where's my car?

We're on the rooftop of a mall parking garage. The sky, man, it's rarely overcast like this, it's usually bright blue like Tyler's shirt!


And because he was so scowly and sexy squinty in all of the above, here's proof he can smile too.

Happy :)

I'll be sure to share a link to his site when it goes live....very soon. It's like, 96% done.
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