Photo Shoot for Tyler's Website


I'm almost done building Tyler's website for his music business. I'm just waiting on a couple testimonials and a sketch from Tyler.

On a bright, overcast day we went to a few locations he'd picked out and I took photos. A quick hike in a preserve, look at that Valley of the Sun pollution!

Quick hike for this one!

This monochrome is my fave...bricks, palm, sexy "blue steel" stare...check.

My fave.

And the rest-


Seedy area, cool flower shop.


Vinyl - Chet Baker is one of Tyler's favorite singers.


We like to call this one, "Where's my car?".

Where's my car?

We're on the rooftop of a mall parking garage. The sky, man, it's rarely overcast like this, it's usually bright blue like Tyler's shirt!


And because he was so scowly and sexy squinty in all of the above, here's proof he can smile too.

Happy :)

I'll be sure to share a link to his site when it goes live....very soon. It's like, 96% done.

3 Sweet Comments:

Jaime said...

Great shots! I like the "smiler" and the "wall lean". :)

Can't wait to see the site

Angel said...

:) Almost done...

Jackie said...

I like them all. What more can you say about a handsome man?

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