Sam Says #17

Sam Says

Talking about his life long dream of bringing dinosaurs back from extinction.
Sam: How can we convince dinosaurs that humans are NOT food? Do we swing a watch in front of them like the Egyptians did in the old days?

New favorite shirt, Dino Chase, from Paper Clouds Apparel.  So great!
Wearing his new Dino Chase shirt from Paper Clouds Apparel.

Helping Daddy get dinner ready.
Sam: Do you want a hard boiled egg for your salad? It's just like an egg with a shell except it doesn't have a shell!

watching the electric company ❤️

Enjoying a homemade banana split.
Sam: Mom, you should put this chocolate sauce in a jar and sell it at the store! (peanut butter warmed on the stove with a couple GFCF chocolate chips)

Treasure from a Bottle Tree. (His hands look so grown up here!)

After 15 minutes in bed, I went to check on Sam and he was upset, working himself up with his imagination.
Sam: What if Dad doesn't come home? What if he takes a trip to Tennessee for a gig and doesn't want to leave?
What if it's a true story? 
What if it's realistic fiction?!

fave books
Favorite books.

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2 Sweet Comments:

Jaime said...

Awww he's getting so big. Such a cutie! Thanks for sharing :)

Angel said...

Growing fast. He keeps us on our toes!

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