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Tyler's home page

Whoop whoop! It's done! It's live!
We finished Tyler's website.

You can hear music samples, see his ever-growing song list, check out his calendar and book Tyler right from the site. There's also a really super sweet "about" section. The videos need to be updated (oh my gosh, the last vids are from 2010)- but I'm pretty sure he's working on new videos this week.
Tyler's music page (needs updating)

The client page is pretty cool, each client is linked to their business via logos. Feeling pretty good about this, as this page took me the longest to make. Hopefully his clients love it too.

Tyler's clients page

We had to go with TylerNmusic.com because someone already owns TylerNielson.com. No big surprise though, Nielson is a super common name in parts of the country.

I'm happy with the simplicity. Nothing flashy, as Tyler tends to be laid back. I chose browns and blues because they're his favorite colors.

Tyler's booking page

If you do click over, please let me know if you see any typos or weird mistakes or if anything is broken. And if you're from or know anyone in the Phoenix area, I won't be mad at ya if you pass this along…

Happy first day of Spring!

1 Sweet Comments:

Jackie said...

Great job! I clicked and bounced around and think it looks great.

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