Sam Says #18

Sam Says (pose)
This is what you get when you ask for a pose.

Watching bagpipe players on Youtube.
Sam: It's like they put four long flutes in their purse!

aunt and cousins
Aunt B and cousin Ruby :)

Sam had his first big bloody nose.
The next day…
Sam: I never want to see blood again!
Mom: You know, if you're going to be an animal scientist you'll have to get used to blood. There are a lot of blood tests that will need to be done and there's blood when babies are born. Plus, what if an animal gets injured? There will probably be blood then too.
Sam: (without missing a beat)
Nuts, I should have picked to be a librarian.

Continuing the theme…at dinner.
Sam: Catsup is just tomato blood.

easter egg

"I'm gonna eat this funny bunny. I hope it's not fertilized." - my 6 year old. Happy Easter! #easter #eggs
Sam: I'm gonna eat this funny bunny. I hope it's not fertilized.

easter cool
Easter cool.

After unsuccessfully holding his breath to get rid of hiccups.
Sam: ARGH! My brain is stuck in hiccup mode!

Relay race, field day at school.

Talking about an upcoming family visit.
Sam: One day I'm going to marry Aunt Jaime.
Mom: Sorry Honey, you can't marry family.
Sam: Okay, then I'm going to marry the owner of Target!

drawing an epic battle
Drawing an epic battle.

Pokemon #gottacatchemall

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3 Sweet Comments:

Jackie said...

Long flutes in a purse cracks me up. Love the flowers, so pretty.
He sure looks happy holding baby Ruby, adorable.
I like Ella's bedding.

Jaime said...

Me too Mom. I laughed out loud at that one :)

The eggs turned out great. What did you use to dye them?

I Can't wait to see him and you all!!!

JfH said...

That kid cracks me up

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